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12-17 Upper Bridge St
Canterbury, CT1 2NF

01227 784529

Personalised Treasured Location Prints. Highly bespoke luxury prints for any occasion. Beautiful personalised gifts to be treasured.



man mirror
man mirror



An original present for the man who cares about grooming.

Words on the back give a manly excuse for having it in the pocket.

In a world of moustaches, beards and handsome faces everyman now deserves a Man Mirror.

It's new and fresh. A perfect size to discretely slip into a pocket or into the glove box of your sports car.

For example:

Just eaten some spinach? no problem just flick a look in your 'Man Mirror' and you're good to go.

Popcorn eating while moustache wearing? also no problem

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Launched with 4 unique messages in 6 bloke friendly colours

choose from:

------ It’s only in my pocket in case I need to signal for rescue in an emergency, honest.

------ It’s only in my pocket in case I need to look for leaks under my sports car, honest.

------ It’s only in my pocket in case I need to start a fire by reflecting the sun, honest.

------ It’s only in my pocket in case I need to blind ninja attackers with flashes of sunlight, honest.

see image for choice of colours.

made from:

High quality, coloured metal back with polished rim and a luxury mirror.

Handmade in Canterbury, Kent.

Supplied with a quality black velvet draw string bag to keep it in, so it doesn't get scratched when you're jumping about, rock climbing or fighting ninjas....

(actually I can't guarantee it won't get broken if kicked by a Ninja, so best avoid that please)


A large 7cm in diameter